One of my favorite actors (jaime murray) as one of my favorite authors (h.g. wells) fangirls everywhere constantly drop dead. thanks for that... <3

Helena G. Wells

Helena Wells (H. Wells) - Warehouse I met her this year and she was such a sweet person!

Jaime Murray Picture

Jaime Murray Born: July 1976 in Hammersmith, London, England, UK Alternate Names: Jamie Murray Height: m)

Dr. Miriam Shepherd: Jaime Murray (

Here is the beautiful Jaime Murray dressed in a shade that appropriately echoes her natural depth of coloring. Now we really notice that gorgeous hair. And our eyes are drawn to the lovely face framed by the balanced colors above and below.

Jaime Murray

Dear Jaime, you are perfect. Your existence makes my lady hood tremble. Stahp it.