Southern Belle style: Jaclyn Smith.  Had the pleasure of meeting her and she is as charming as she looks.

Angel-Jaclyn Smith I once read that Jaclyn Smith's face is a rarity in that it is extremely symmetrical.

Listen up, people...singlehandedly the sexiest woman on the planet and the woman who induced my first chubber!...Ms. Jaclyn Smith...or dare I say, Charlie's Angel...schafuckingwing!!!and my affliction for brunettes began

Jaclyn Smith - Classic Beauty never goes out of style or grows old! I grew up admiring this actress and the strong female character Jaclyn portrayed as Kelley Garrett in the original Charlie's Angels! reminds me of my friend Tiffany, Gorgeous

The ultimate aging goal is exemplified in Houston-native Jaclyn Smith.

Jaclyn Smith celebrates her 72nd birthday and still looks flawless

Jaclyn Smith was my favorite angel! /****Was the only "angel" to stay until the curtain came down on "Charlie's Angels." She developed a line of clothing for K-Mart, and did several TV dramas.

Jaclyn Smith was the only "angel" to stay until the curtain came down on "Charlie's Angels. After the end of Charlie's angels, Jackie smith went on to make many more movies and she also created her own clothing line. She's always been my fave.

Jaclyn Smith - Best known for Charlie's Angels. Just thank her for all the enjoyable moments watching her on TV.

Charlie’s Angels began in september 1976 and ended in june To keep the memory alive! Image via The Red List

Jaclyn smith hairstyles

For years she has been voted one of the most beautiful women in the world and today, it still holds absolutely true. JACLYN SMITH is th.

Jaclyn Smith Hairstyles

Jaclyn Smith Hairstyles

This dress is in my Lightest Tranquil Color - Jaclyn Smith Hairstyles