Jack & Finn Harries as Alec (left) and Alem Miller. Another twins, sorry not sorry.

Hey guys we are Jack and Finn! We are brielle's brothers. Jack is 18 and finn is 17 . And we are single, And also we are twins. (Fc: jack and finn harries)

Charlie McDonnell, Jack & Finn Harries, Marcus Butler, Alfie Deyes, Caspar Lee (although he is actually south African), Sam Pepper, Phil Lester, Dan Howell

Charlie McDonnell Jack & Finn Harries Marcus Butler Alfie Deyes Caspar Lee (although he is actually south African) Sam Pepper

My dream cast❣ Travis & Connor Stool - Jack & Finn Harries Thalia Grace - Kaya Scodelario Rachel Elizabeth Dare - Jane Levy Zoe Nightshade - Phoebe Tolkin Octavian - Alexander Ludwig

That can be Jason. We need someone skinny with no muscle, pale and bleach white hair, and is okay with being cussed out on the street because he character hey play is an ***hole

They are just THE most attractive men ever!!

Jack and I are hosting a discussion about climate change and our new video in two and a half hours over Skype! GMT) Add 'ourchangingclimate' to join in. I'm looking forward to this! by by finnharries