Denne saken sto først på trykk i Bonytt nr 6 2014. Akeleie

Habitación infantil compartida, juntos pero no revueltos [Styling: Steen & Aiesh, e Ida Løken.

like the grey And yellow

A color scheme of sunny yellow and soft gray, for the girls room. dandelion decal as well


Tour Fashion Blogger Joellen Lu's Bedroom

I love the all white bedding because then I can buy all different colour throw pillows and change them on whatever mood I'm Ina bs never have to change my bedding

Love the wall decal. And the lights.

Simple bedroom : white on white. not a huge fan of the words here, but love the simplicity

modern fertiggardinen moderne vorhänge

soft lighting and pale contemporary neutrals for the bedroom (fabulous wall of sheer curtains). The design of the bed is too military for me though. #lettiascomparsa #lettimatrimonialiascomparsa #milano #monza #sumisura #progettisumisura

Domino shares the best multifunction furniture to make space in your small apartment. Discover multifunctional furniture for small bedrooms. When decorating a small space, using multifunctioning and versatile furniture is an important design tip.

Furniture and industrial design student, with a big passion. Estonia

Loft Hřebenky is an 85 square meter (approx. 915 square feet) flat in a new building in Prague, which Formafatal was tasked with design.

The Lorraine Cabin near Boston

Harvard students create holiday micro cabins for city dwellers

Frame in a new masculine expression @bylassen lassen

Frame in a new masculine expression by Lassen’s storage solution now in smoked oak

chambre_enfant                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Great way to separete space for two kids, if you do not have two room, insted of a normal wall, the half glas will give light

idée séparation pièce lit avec coussin et étagères de rangement blanches

Idée séparation pièce: 32 idées de cloisons chambre enfant