Indoor trees

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Top 5 Indoor Plants and How to Care for Them Fiddle Leaf Fig-Ficus Lyrata
A little olive tree in an old zinc bucket---how French is that?
Fiddle-Leaf Fig  Why you want it: This lovely indoor tree (actually a species of ficus) has large, dark-green leaves that seem to form the vague outline of a fiddle or violin—that's how it gets its name.  How to care for it: This indoor plant likes room temperatures between about 65 and 75 degrees, and exposure to bright to medium light. The surface of the soil should dry out slightly between watering. If it starts to look a bit pale, try moving it to somewhere less bright.
Add a little nature to your home or office with an indoor tree! These low-maintenance plants easily thrive indoors and add a beautiful touch to any room in your home!
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The perfect blend of pretty and productive, these fruit trees can be grown like houseplants.
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