holly hobby

Holly Hobbie-I totally loved my Holly Hobbie doll. I wanted to be Holly Hobbie.

Hollie Hobby

Holly Hobbie in red. I had Holly Hobbie glasses most of my childhood. And never even liked HH.

Holly Hobbie <3

Holly Hobbie--writing a card of encouragement to someone is a worthwhile investment of time - still have it decoupage to a red board for hanging

Thoughtfulness is to friendship, what sunshine is to flowers...

Walls 360 Peel & Stick Fabric Wall Decals: Holly Hobbie Classic Flowers in x 24 in)

HH - Blue

Holly Hobby Blue bonnet girl - just like when I was little ♥

Never knew Hollie Hobby was among the soulless

Holly hobby paper doll kits were my favorites I took them on vacation to play with in the camper Lisa had some too . hours of fun with no bells whistles just our imaginations