Hiragana Trang 1

Let's learn to write and read "Hiragana," one of the basic Japanese syllabary characters, correctly. Japan's only public broadcaster NHK provides this reliable Japanese lesson.

¿Confundis a los Orientales? Yo te Explico.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

¿Confundis a los Orientales? Yo te Explico.

Japanese Alphabet: There are three different japanese alphabets: ♢ Hiragana, uses with kanji to make japanese words ♢ Katakana, used for words coming from the english ♢ Kanji , used usually with by pair, or with hiragana - Japanese Language

Aprendiendo japonés 1 - Hiragana "a" y "ka", más algunos verbos

at least I had time to submit it here. It is my katakana chart, you can gat hiragana chart here: .and it should look greate on photopaper

Tabla de hiragana; he conseguido dominarla en 1 día, estoy bastante contenta n.n

nintyfinn: And here we have about the sum total of what I remember from two years of Japanese study, including a year in Japan :D

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Learn everything you need to know about Kana, the Japanese alphabet. Learn the basics for writing and reading in hiragana and katakana with the FREE Kana eBook!

Hiragana and Katakana Chart - Hiragana Gakuen

I studied Japanese for a year, but sometimes when I'm writing I still forget some of the hiragana. I was completely useless at katakana. Hiragana and Katakana Chart - Hiragana Gakuen