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"Sita floats on an ocean of tears. Sita stands as the radical interface of love and suffering. Sita exists only for love. She personifies loyalty. She incarnates devotion. On an archetypal level, she stands for the feminine principle of loving submission -submission to the masculine, submission to the divine, submission to life itself." From "Awakening Shakti" by Sally Kempton


Dhumavati her name means "the smoky one" and is also called "the widow"


"Parvati is a goddess of love, with a seductive radiance directed at her beloved, yet at the same time focused inward, on her own essence. She's mother, a yogini, a seeker of truth who inquires deeply into the nature of reality. She's powerful and she's tender, she's willful and she's playful -both at the same time. Parvati is a goddess of relatedness." From "Awakening Shakti" by Sally Kempton


Crown for an effigy of Mahākāla, a figure/deity in both Buddhism and Hinduism.


Georgia O'Keeffe. Lily, White with Black-1927.


"Radha is the goddess of lovers and desperate romantics. The beloved mistress of the youthful god Krishna, Radha's passionate, erotic, drama is one of the world's great myths of love and separation. The Radha energy is present wherever there is passionate love and the wish to merge with the beloved." From "Awakening Shakti" by Sally Kempton


"Chinnamasta is shiveringly awe-inspiring. Headless, she holds a cleaver in one hand and her own head, crowned with flowing hair, in the other. Three streams of blood spurt from her neck. Her two naked attendants are drinking her blood, which streams into their mouths. Chinnamasta demands that we look for the sacred in the forbidden and the terrifying." From "Awakening Shakti" by Sally Kempton


Vishnu. One of the Trimurti (the holy trinity of Hindu gods), Vishnu is the Preserver, protecting the world. When needed, Vishnu descends to Earth as an avatar, or incarnation. Nine have appeared so far: Matsya (fish), Kurma (tortoise), Varah (boar), Narasimha (man-lion), Vamana (dwarf), Parashurama, Rama, Krishna, and Buddha. A tenth, Kalki, will appear with a flaming sword to save humans from the darkness. Some cult followers worship Vishnu as Narayana, the primal being.