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There are so many tricks you can teach your horse.  There are all the usual ones like kiss, hug, bow etc, but also have a think about teaching your horse some USEFUL tricks.  These can make life a lot easier (and safer) around your horse.
Breed Chart: Horses
Making sure your horse is healthy and happy is an important part of horse ownership. We've got some quick tips of things to look for when performing a health check on your horse.
Infographic courtesy of Kentucky Performance Products
@kppusa gives us some Colic Prevention Tips! | HORSE NATION
Does your horse have allergies? Here's an infographic with tips on how to reduce them.  #horsehealth
[INFOGRAPHIC] Failure of Passive Transfer -  Find out why foals require passive transfer of infection-fighting antibodies from their mothers’ first milk. Sponsored by Plasvaac.

Failure of Passive Transfer

31 Fun & Useful Things To Do With Your Horse (other than riding)
Very useful if you dont use bandages in every day care