De hengte en elefant: Den grusomme historien om Big Mary. Historien om Big Mary – den eneste elefanten som har blitt hengt – vil gi deg grøsninger. Dyreplageri er ikke noe nytt, men historier som denne kan få deg til å lure på om det virkelig er håp for oss mennesker.

Biblens gåder - Moses stav

GOOGLE SEARCH: Mass Media Mind Control. Agenda 21. HAARP. Georgia Guidestones. Project Blue Beam. Codex Alimentrius. EMF's Project Garden Plot. Chemtrails. Fluoride & Aspartame Side Effects. Anglo Saxon Mission. Sinkholes. CERN. Cannabis Oil. Vitamin B17. Freemasons. NWO. Illuminati. Project Avalon. MK Ultra. Monarch Programming. Club of Rome. Monsanto. Jesuit Order. Black Pope. Kabbalah. Fake UFO's. Denver Airport Murals. Skull & Bones. 911 Attacks. 13 Illuminati Bloodlines. Federal…

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Farming & Agriculture: Animal Abuse in Transportation (Picture)

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ear trumpet used during WW1 to detect the sound of incoming air-planes

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Indian Freedom Fighters You Probably Never Heard Of Before(UNKNOWN FREED...

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Vietnam - Lockheed Hercules operation

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I pinned this Aaron Throw Pillow by Valentina Ramos from the Valentina Ramos event at Joss and Main!

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Big Bend Shrine Club: Transforming the lives of children - Chamberlain-Oacoma Sun

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Castles of the Clans: The Strongholds and Seats of 750 Scottish Families and Clans - Martin Coventry....Baird Clan on pages 22-23

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