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A colourful life: Green scene - part 2 - Green decor fashion pictures

COLOR GREEN: Leaves of a tree are bright green. -leading lines(the branches) -good perspective(worms eye-view)

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21 Amazing Places to Visit in France

Summer Park, Chamarande, France photo via sebs wish I could sit on that bench.

Biobay, Vieques, Puerto Rico. Hidden along the Caribbean coast is one of the most spectacular Bioluminescent Bays in the world. The mysterious blue-green light is created by micro-organisms which thrive in an environment uniquely suited to their needs.

Vaadhoo Island, Maldives Details: The spectacular glow on this beach is a marine bioluminescence generated by phytoplankton.

The Tunnel of Love in Ukraine has to be the greenest place on this planet.Discover #Yourself Discover your #Essence. Discover #Miopo

Ukraine's leafy green 'Tunnel of Love' is a passageway for trains and lovers

Train Tree Tunnel, Ukraine, The tunnel is located in Kleven, Ukraine. It’s called the Tunnel of Love.

Develop a seed starting schedule so you know the optimum time to start your seeds. A seed-starting schedule provides a guideline of when to sow seeds and when to transplant seedlings the vegetable garden.

How to Grow a Carpet of Moss

Moss-covered statues add timeless beauty to gardens. Tucked into shady areas, these works of art remain moss covered as long at the area is moist and remains in the shade for the.

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23 Ideas For A Super Cool Backyard

Pause for Harmony is a collaboration between Japanese fashion house Issey Miyake and Finnish glassware company Iittala. The collection comprises sim.


36 Unreal Places You Thought Only Existed in Your Imagination

In the late '80s, NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America studied houseplants as a way to purify the air in space facilities.

15 houseplants for improving indoor air quality

Fibonacci in Spiral Aloe: Aloe polyphylla. Leaves form a unique clockwise or counter-clockwise geometric spiral-pattern as the plant ages.

Help!  I have seen this pin labeled "variegated hostas" all over Pinterest.  Is this REALLY a hosta, and if so, what is its name?

My Landscape Project this Fall

A very tropical looking hosta-looking thing. Most beautiful leaves Ive seen! Want them in my future fantasy garden. Lots of them. From the mouth of various commentors : it is NOT a hosta! Its actually a tropical prayer plant- calathea orbigolia-

//Lush nature path at The Old Malthouse in Wiltshire, England • photo: Heather Edwards on Serenity #Gardens


Tamed nature Heather Edwards The Old Malthouse, Wiltshire, England The secret garden "A mown path leads through a sea of cow parsley (Anthriscus sylvestris) to a willow (Salix) arch on a still, early, summer morning.

"We've got to get something To eat and to drink yeah And find a place to stay That's not far off the main way We've got to plan our day Rodin and Orsay And find a way to cram it all ine Before we drink hard again." -Minus The Bears

Photo (The Country Fucker)

Things take time. Be patient. I am trying to be patient. It is the hardest thing to do.

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Color Nature

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{Color Inspiration} Green

"Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises." ~ GREEN<GREEN>>>our beautiful colour for this week--enjoy--hope you feel alive,revived,excited---every time you pin it---hahhahaha----HAVE FUN !

Green wedding theme ideas - When it came to designing a day that was unique, green nature outdoor wedding come to mind.Romantic, ethereal, and absolutely

Green wedding theme ideas { Different shades of green wedding }

Green wedding theme ideas - When it came to designing a day that was unique, green nature outdoor wedding come to mind.Romantic, ethereal, and absolutely timele