Une séparation en vitre! Idéale pour un espace loft/studio et laisser la place à la lumière naturelle!

The Copenhagen home of music producer Jon Oron as photographed by Pernille Vest for Elle Decoration UK

Room partitions are becoming more and more popular in interior design. I must say, they are a clever and easy way to improve the functionality of living space. They break a living space into distinct areas, change the appearance of a room, add privacy, and they also can be used for storage and hiding clutter. Today we are spoilt for choice as they come in all shapes, sizes and styles from decorative folding screens, sliding doors and panels, curtains dividers, to bookcases…

Textured glass For sale in Austin: Mid-Century Modern house with atomic bomb shelter - Austin Business Journal

Ceiling+Mounted+Sliding+Room+Divider | ... Opening & Closing / Manual Sliding Door Systems / RS 120 /120 Syncro

Dorma Rs 120120 Syncro Fittings For Toughened Glass Room Dividers with sizing 1200 X 1200 Dorma Glass Sliding Door Gear - If something gets broken on a doo

Colored glass is a great way to split up a space without closing it off.

Visualisation - Office Partition, Pink partitions bring in a soft feminine touch, will effectively dividing up the space.

This window entry allows the viewer to take in the sight of the house and its rooms before proceeding, creating a sense of suspense and inquisition, contributing to its presence when they enter.

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24 Examples Of Minimal Interior Design

24 Examples Of Minimal Interior Design #36

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Open floor plan designs are good for many reasons. In offices, they facilitate communication and collaboration, and in homes and apartments they keep things bright and flowing. The only time they are not good option

I like the factory window-style room divider. The kitchen is its own room - separate from the dining area, but the space still looks open and flows. And love the table and bench too!

White cozy living room | Daily Dream Decor

Half wall with paned window wall above. Allows light to permeate and physically separate a room without visually separating rooms. Good alternative for where a solid wall could obstruct an attractive view.

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