Refreshing water recipes and ideas for summer - stay hydrated while workout out or running with these great spa water ideas

Best Shopping List For Detoxing

Get in your daily water quota with this Fruit-Infused Water - 6 ways! From berries, to citrus, to cucumber and herbs, we've got you covered for refreshing drink recipes all summer long! (fruit infused water for weight loss)

When Life Gives You Lemons, Bottle Them Up

These DIY Fruit Waters Will Make You Feel Amazing

Fruit & Herb Ice Blocks from bysaber ♡Simple, fun and a great addition to water, smoothies & iced teas!Ingredients:Coconut waterSliced fruit of choice.Herbs of choice.

11 Delicious Detox Water Recipes (Infographic

Nature’s Water Looking to detox and lose weight? Or maybe you just want to give your body a healthy cleanse? Fruit infused detox water is great to bring along with you and sip all day as a delicious hydrating treat. Let’s take a look at some tasty recipes

14 Beautiful Fruit-Infused Waters To Drink Instead Of Soda

14 Beautiful Fruit-Infused Waters To Drink Instead Of Soda Strawberry Flavored Water (Detox Water): strawberries, hulled and quartered lemon, sliced Small handful of basil, scrunched Ice and cold filtered water

Fruit Infused water - make your water taste fruity with these Spa water recipes. Natural way to flavor your water.

10 Ways to DIY the Best Fruit Water Ever

Fruit water is a great way to ensure you're getting the daily recommended amount of Here are some creative combos to try! (fruit water for weight loss)

Fruit & Herb Flavored Water

DIY Naturally Flavored Herb and Fruit Water Recipes and Instructions from The Yummy Life here. Lots of tips for making this cheap alternative to soda with simple recipes. citrus blend raspberry lime watermelon rosemary blackberry sage pineapple mint by

Fruit & Herb Flavored Water

Not sure I buy into this but I do like flavored water - Infused Water Recipes: Aid your body in the normal detoxification process!

Fruit and Herb Water Bottle Ice Sticks

Fruit and Herbs Ice Sticks for water bottles! Fun recipe tutorial from Flirting with Flavor with Nestle Pure Life 35 pack water!

12 Fruit-Infused Water Combos To Keep You Hydrated All Summer

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