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Minerva is done with the Weasley family

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Cn we have something about Fred and George that doesn't make me want to shove glass shards up my butt?!

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23 Things That Definitely Happened In The Harry Potter Universe

Fred and George absolutely messed with McGonagall at every opportunity.

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Anon loves Cass✨ on

Imagen insertada

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fred and george weasley the year we became i - Google Search

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Fred and George Weasley

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fred and george weasley funny faces - Google Search

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Gred and forge Weasley Fred and George Weasley Fred Weasley Ginny Weasley Harry Potter Albus Severus potter wingardium leviosa Hogwarts

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Knowing Fred and George, Slytherin would be pranked sooooo bad, they wouldn't know what hit them.

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Can someone write a spinoff on this..

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