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Modelling people is a key part of any sugar crafters arsenal, and using our soon to launch colour flower and modelling paste, recruited Terry Tang Designer Cakes to showcase their incredibly life-like people toppers to show you how.

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6 tutos d'oiseaux! Fimo, fondant, pâte à sucre, pâte d'amande.

~ FIMO/POLYMER CLAY IDEAS ~Princess Poppy Troll design

A perfectly well done Trolls fondant figure! Princess Poppy is exactly the same! Love it as a Trolls birthday cake topper!

Modeling cartoon characters and other small figures. - Polymer Clay for Beginners. Master classes on sculpting. - Workshops - Kalinkapolinka

7 people clay monsters university world # # # # Today the Monster Academy recently made "strange big" collection up, not only Stills, also n .

Cute polymer clay <b>teddy</b> <b>bear</b> | <b>Fondant</b> Figures and Cake Toppers ideas ...

Cute polymer clay teddy bear - not a tutorial, but a simple design image that could be figured out