Vivi Gade Filt

Our very own, new custom-designed acrylic felt from Vivi Gade Design cut and sewn using simple to make beautiful and elegant decorations. A beautiful effect has been achieved by combining various prints and Christmas spirit spreads.

Romantic Wedding Holiday Elegant Lvory Lace Banner Flag Garland Party Decoration

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Christmas baubles with Paris decoupage paper.  Danish.  Nice way to cover all holiday ornaments.

Julekugler i plast med decoupagepapir fra Vivi Gade

Flettet hjerte

Klassiske flettede julehjerter

Fun & Weird #Christmas Facts Around the World (Infographics)

With Christmas less than two weeks away, we thought it would be fun to share this infographic chock-full of interesting facts and figures about Christmas.

Udstanset kræmmerhus i papir fra Vivi Gade Design

Udstanset kræmmerhus i papir fra Vivi Gade

This cone with a handle is punched out from Vivi Gade Design paper and assembled and fastened with double-sided adhesive tape.

Flag ornaments - danish | |

Flag ornaments - danish | |


Nissen holder vaskedag

The Pixie is doing his Laundry - Creative activities


Soldat i bomuldsstof

Hanging Soldiers ( can't be found, but it looks like they are sewn from fabric pieces. Doesn't look hard to make if you know how to sew, or you could even paint this design on clothespins.

Very cute!  Gnomes garland

tomten garland/:: Tomtar Ingrid M :: Modern Tradition :: Tomten från Masthugget :: Tomterad - Kruktomte mm ::