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"Truth is...the game was rigged from the start"-Benny, Fallout: New Vegas Soo beautiful

"Truth is.the game was rigged from the start"-Benny, Fallout: New Vegas! Of all the times I've played FallOut: NV, I only let Benny live once!

Cool playing cards for Fallout: New Vegas

Here are just some (of the many) playing cards in the F:NV premium purchase, please comment if you'd like more!

Fallout: New Vegas: Dead Money fan art.

I really liked playing Dead Money. I managed to merge Dog and God together, unfortunately, I had to bump off Dean and Elijah. I never liked Christina, so I had the Mysterious Stranger blow her away, then I used Dine-N-Dash on her.

Fallout New Vegas - Role Playing Gamers - #gaming #posters

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