How to Splint Bone Fractures with a SAM Splint

How to Use a Sam Splint to Treat Bone Fractures

Learn about the SAM splint which can be used in different ways from a finger splint to a leg splint to a cervical collar to treat broken bones and

The Difference between Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest. Remember that when you share this knowledge you could save a life. Did you know that a Portable Defibrillator can help a person suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest? Do you know how to use one? We explain you here: #aed #portable #defibrillator #cardiac #arrest #heart #attack #emt #ems

The 4 Best Portable Defibrillators and Which to Buy

A portable defibrillator or AED is small and lightweight, easy enough for a child to use, and proven to save lives of victims of a sudden cardiac arrest

Možda si bila u pravu . . . Hropci u zatajenju srca, krepitacije definitivno u fibrozi pluća . . . Provjerit ću još te krepitacije/hropce u zatajenju srca/edemu pluća . . .

Lung sounds to know for interpreting the medical appointments and exams related to breathing, breath sounds lungs, asthma, copd,

Rule of Nines - a method of estimating the extent of body surface that has been burned in an adult, dividing the body into sections of 9 percent or multiples of 9 percent.

Looking for online definition of rule of nines in the Medical Dictionary? rule of nines explanation free. What is rule of nines? Meaning of rule of nines medical term. What does rule of nines mean?

What it sometimes feels like to be the first responder to a 911 call. Written from the perspective of an EMT Paramedic, but it certainly applies to firefighters and police officers as well.

We all could stand to remember this next time you may want to criticize a medic bringing you a patient.

Time is critical when a stroke occurs. Getting help fast could reduce disability and death from stroke. Approximately 800,000 people have a stroke each year; about one every 40 seconds. Follow us for more: #emt #ems #stroke

A first aid poster explaining about FAST. FAST is an easy way to remember and identify the most common symptoms of a stroke. Recognition of stroke and calling for help will determine how quickly someone will receive help and treatment.

Hypoglycemia.  I love this symptom chart! So easy to remember! I need to be more careful because it's easy to just take a nap

Pinner says: "Hypoglycemia. I love this symptom chart! So easy to remember! I need to be more careful because it's easy to just take a nap.

Blood Sugar Mnemonic-This is how I learned it a loooong time ago

Blood Sugar Mnemonic ~ used this when teaching endocrine system and diabetes. The mnemonic device being used is a RHYME helping us to remember this rule.

That lets not talk about those patterns! #mdstudentproblems

EKG: I always seem to have an issue with remembering this. If only all EKG's were this easy to read.