Infographic: Ecology: The Study of the Place We Live

Ecology is a non-linear science and it can be difficult for students to visualize the interactions. Use this infographic to start conversations in your class about the relationships of ecology.

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50 free vector icons of Ecology Line Craft designed by Freepik

The Aquatic Eco System Infographic - not sourced, but well-made

71 % of world’s surface is covered by water. The aquatic ecosystem can be classified as Marine ecosystem, Coral Reef ecosystem and Fresh Water eco

Loss of Biodiversity Infographic. Breaks my heart that our species can be so selfish.

Loss of biodiversity is a result of multiple environmental issues, such as: habitat destruction, poaching, overfishing, illegal hunting and the busine

The world...

"The world without us." Oh, boo-hoo! Isn't that what environmentalists want? To be rid of horrible humans so Mother Earth can heal?

Just a few sobering facts about what we dispose of in our environment. #recycle #biodegrade

Do you know how long it takes for everyday items to decompose? Tons of litter ends up in our landfills each year and this can be easily avoided by recycling. Have a look at this at infographic by Life Hacks on how long everyday items take to decompose.

this is another anti smoking campaign trying to motivate people to stop smoking by comparing your lungs to trees by what they look like in spring and winter. it is a smart way of getting the point across as words is not needed as you can tell that the right side is what your lungs look like smoking and the left is what they look like when you don't smoke

Opposites Posters

this is a great imagine that compares a healthy tree to a dead tree, just like your lungs. stop smoking! help your lungs 🚭

Three simple ways for science teachers to assess the level of understanding their students have of the levels of organization in the environment. Examples of living and nonliving parts of the environment can be classified by asking a series of questions.

STEM: Ecological Organization Formative Assessments

This file includes activities that can be used to assess students' understanding of biotic and abiotic factors and the levels of organization in the environment. A guide and answer key for each activity is included to assist in implementation. Biotic or

Build a Mini Ecosystem and allow your kids to safely observe bugs, reptiles and amphibians found in nature!

Build a Mini Ecosystem for Nature Observation with Kids

Build a Mini Ecosystem and allow your kids to safely observe bugs, reptiles and amphibians found in nature! If you appreciate arts and crafts you will appreciate this site!

Divertido anuncio promocionando el uso de bicicletas para un transporte más verde.

The use of green here is to portray nature and promote being echo friendly through bike riding. Again here we see green related to nature and promoting a eco-friendly message.