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Mismatched Earring Set - Mix and Match Earrings - Sterling Silver Earring Set - Simple Minimalist Jewellery - Stud Earrings - Eco Friendly

Triple piercing

50 unique and beautiful ear piercing ideas, from minimalist studs to extravagant jewels

Silver star ear studs

Silver Stars Ear Studs

Are you interested in our Silver Stars Ear Studs? With our sterling silver celestial earrings you need look no further.


15 Cool-Girl Ear Piercings We Discovered on Pinterest

All day, every day earrings. The three minimal earrings and the ear cuff lets you mix, combine and style these just to your liking. Effortlessly matching any outfit and occasion, perfect and simple ev

Currently at 4g, undecided as to whether or not I want to stretch farther...hmmm lol decisions decisions

Ear piercing types and styles

Sizing chart for ear stretching. Gauges are American sizing, and millimeters are universal. Gauges end at a while millimeters and inch sizes continue on.

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from top to bottom: drawing kemonomimi / beast ears coloring human skin drawing armpit hair animal fur drawing human ears full version avalable: here

Modern Minimalist Set of 3 Ear Climber Smooth Sweeps Ear

Modern Minimalist Set of 3 - Ear Climber, Smooth Sweeps Ear Cuff, Double Ear Cuff, Earring Climbers Criss Cross Ear Cuff, Crawlers

Plant Series - Studio Joop


~*~Constellation piercings~*~ consist of a collection of small earrings placed like stars around your earlobe.

People Are Getting Constellation Piercings And The Results Are Stellar

~*~Constellation piercings~*~ consist of a collection of small earrings placed like stars around your earlobe.

wish i could pull this off, and convince my mother to let me get it done in the first place

Thinking about getting your ears pierced? Don't book your appointment without checking out these 12 Different (Super Trendy) Ear Piercing Types!

Vi estos aretes en una joyería en Victoria y me gustan mucho. Que son muy único. Me llevaría todo el tiempo en el verano.

Thanks for the cute pin Amanda! Couldn’t resist …. Ear jacket Swarovsky gold ear jacket- so cute!