Phil The Original Duck Commander!

What would you like to know about Phil Robertson? The original Duck Commander. He is the one who started it all for the Robertson family.

The Legend of the Duck Commander

Happy, happy, happy : my life and legacy as the Duck Commander by Phil Robertson with Mark Schlabach

I know this has nothing to do with this board, but I'm pinning it here anyway to spread the word.

This Is Why Everyone Should Watch Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson had the chance to play in the National Football League (NFL) but instead chose to hunt for ducks, a career choice that has made him rich and famous. Speaking to Billy .

Duck Commander in West Monroe, Louisiana

And a big invite for the nation to came visit Duck Commander all while a fleshing eating bacteria lures and a brain eating amoeba is in the drinking water withing a few minutes from their amazing spetacular awesome warehouse.

Duck Commander Teal Hen Duck Call Instructional Video

Duck Commander Teal Hen Duck Call Instructional Video

Duck Dynasty Family Tree | What The Duck

then allllll those hidden cousins in thurr huh , yeah whoop umpa. I hate you and please for once ftfo

If you told me a year ago that one day I'd be excited over a show about hunters, I'd have said you were crazy. That being  said....I freakin' love this show!  Duck Dynasty -

Duck Dynasty is one of my favorite tv shows. Uncle Si is my absolute favorite because he is hilarious. I love there redneck way of living and I haven't missed a Wednesday night episode yet.