Drinkoppskrifter med gin

Gin Smash 4 cl Beefeater London Dry Gin  1 ss sukker  1 kvist fersk sitronmelisse  2 kvister fersk mynte  1/ 2 cm bred appelsinskall  Bland alle ingrediensene i en shaker og rist hardt. Sil den to ganger, den siste gangen i et avkjølt cocktailglass. Kan toppes med en skvett tonic water. Pynt med appelsinskall.

The Hopbell Cocktail- Created by bartender Sam Treadway of Boston's backbar, it features an aromatic, refreshing combination of muddled green pepper with Beefeater London Dry gin, lemon juice, and ginger beer.

Classic Martini with Olive with @Plymouth Gin. http://icrav.it/142K3sR

Classic Beefeater & Plymouth Gin Martini Recipes For National Martini Day

Hi Ho Cocktail - Originally made with sweeter Old Tom Gin, the Hi Ho was an elegant twist on the Martini.

Hi Ho Cocktail

Butchertown Cocktail

Butchertown 2 ounces high-proof rye whiskey ounce amontillado sherry ounce Cointreau 2 vigorous dashes orange bitters Lemon peel, for garnish

Caipirinha cocktail: ricetta originale brasiliana con cachaca, lime e zucchero

Caipirinha cocktail originale recipe, cocktail with cachaca lime sugar

French 75

French 75 Cocktail 5 oz Fresh lemon juice 5 oz Simple syrup (one part water, one part sugar) 1 oz Gin or cognac 3 oz Champagne

Cocktails  Douglas Fairbanks

Douglas Fairbanks

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