Here's a page for working on doubles and doubles +1 facts.

This is a work page for practicing the doubles 1 fact strategy. Students fill in 10 frames and then write the doubles and corresponding doubles 1 fact. Great to build fact power while providing students with a helpful visual!

Doubles Facts Poster by JenSt

Doubles Facts Poster--I need to make my own.but this one gives good ideas for pictures I can add to my anchor chart

doubles plus 1 school-ideas

First Grade Spelling Pack

My grade students are learning their doubles plus one right now! Here is a worksheet where you students have to create a double fact number sentence. Then they have to create a Double Plus One number sentences.

Do You Know Your Doubles? Free double fact foldable!

We know math fact fluency is important, but how do we get our students to actually compute their math facts quickly?

2nd Grade Snickerdoodles: Doubles Facts Freebie

We are kicking off our study of addition fact strategies this week! I am using this little poem/chant to help my RtI students remember their.

Doubles Facts and Doubles Plus One

A simple practice page for both doubles facts and doubles plus one problems. I've added a second version which has the doubles plus 1 sum printed.

Doubles Addition Strategy >> Find the double facts that are true. Use the number line to check your answer!

Halloween 1st Grade No Prep Math Worksheets

Freebie - Double Down game to practice adding near doubles or doubles plus 1

Techie Turtle Teacher: freebie - double down dice game for near doubles addition strategy

Doubles to 12.pdf

SECOND GRADE--Adding Doubles and a Freebie -To develop speed on this important skill, see how many your students can complete in two minutes…give the test once a week and chart growth (also good to use as a graphing activity!