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I love Donna Paulsen's ("Suits") style but can never afford dresses like hers.

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Rick Hoffman and Sarah Rafferty in Suits

Donna Paulsen in Suits S05E10

Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen, Suits

Donna Paulsen in Suits S05E07

Donna Paulsen wearing Lanvin Coats, Oscar de la Renta Mini Dress and Gucci Satchel

The hottest redhead on TV right now. Nobody compares. Utter sexiness. Yummy

Inside Donna Paulsen's SUITS closet

Sarah Rafferty/Donna Paulsen from Suits- fashion

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Suits l Donna Quotes

Donna Paulsen in Suits S06E04

Crepe Sheath Dress

75 Stylish Formal Midi Dresses Outfits Ideas that Must You Try - Fashion Best

Suits’ Sarah Rafferty Spills on Season Four | OK! Magazine

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YES! Donna. Love this woman. #suitsfinale #suits suits_usa Suits USA…

I distrust that"

Donna In a Nina Ricci Dress ( Follow Klowee Hulbert on Pinterest)

How the Costume Designer for Suits Tells Stories Using Just the Right Attire

Donna In a Nina Ricci Dress ( Follow Klowee Hulbert on Pinterest)

Donna of USA's  Suits

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Sarah Rafferty and Meghan Markle

File:Suits Photoshoot Unknown Sarah Rafferty and Meghan Markle.

Donna’s blue folded detail dress on Suits.  Outfit Details: #Suits

A website that shows you where to get Donna's amazing wardrobe such as Donna's blue folded detail dress on Suits!

Here’s how you pull off Jessica, Donna and Rachel’s style

Picture of Meghan Markle

Meet Ms. Donna Paulsen. Quick wit! I also love her no b.s attitude.

College,Office or Wedding! Stay Fashionable and Trendy .

Suits: Donna Paulsen

Donna Paulsen - Suits donna is so amazing