We believe in ordinary acts of bravery  In the courage that drives one person to stand up for another...

Seriously one of the best quotes. I love this book sooo much. Normally, when an author tries to be inspirational, it just come off as cheesy. But this quote spoke to my heart; it was just one part of a beautiful book.

Make your choice but... if you make the wrong choice DO NOT let that choice destroy you. You're stronger than you think!

Choices. . .

"One choice, One choice, decided your friends. One choice, defines your beliefs. One choice, determines your loyalties-forever. Once choice can transform you. - Divergent"Have you ever really sat d.

The five factions and what they represent.

A book written by Veronica Roth entitled Divergent has set my heart ablaze and this is where I shall pour my passion.) To disclaimers: The Divergent book and the most of the photos are not mine.