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Always Dean

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He learned it from the pizza man

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— that moment of empty universe and you, just you, is my heaven. #spn #destiel

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I was literally pounding the floor with my fist as I was laughing at this

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supernatural tumblr textpost destiel castiel dean winchester castiel cas

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supernatural tumblr textpost castiel cas destiel dean winchester

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I don't ship it but HAHAHA YESSSS

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Memes De Supernatural - parte 102

I don't ship it personally, but I'll be damned if this isn't me because I'm going to protect the ships of my SPN family.

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Destiel makes me cry all the time_> this is my sbculture of the ship realm... BUT WHY DOES MY SOCIETY OF FELLOW TRASH HURT SO BAD

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delakoks: “Chibi Destiel AnimatedMy headcanon for third episode of season 11 C: ”

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