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Utforsk lignende emner

1973 Album cover shoot for Aladdin Sane, photographed by Brian Duffy. The lightning bolt represented the duality of the mind, although Bowie later explained that the "lad insane" of the album's title track was inspired by his brother Terry, who was diagnosed as a schizophrenic. Photo By Brian Duffy

David Bowie Style File

David Bowie photographed by Steve Schapiro.

These Portraits Capture David Bowie At the Height of His 1970s Glory

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David Bowie, 1973.                                                                                                                                                     Plus
Obviously today I'm reeling, upset, sobbing like so many of people Bowie touched. He spoke to you, to the outsider, to the people who didn't quite fit in. He had an incredible impact on us all. Loved you David Bowie. Julian.
From Space Oddity to Aladdin Sane and beyond, David Bowie’s bold-yet-badass, totally-out-of-this-world...

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