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"Though my soul be blacker than Midnight, I shall do what I must to serve my king." IDK yet when Naoto says this, but it's where his name as an assassin (Midnight) comes from Dark Anime Boy

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I don't have any words. Just really like this pic desu~ qwq

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owari no seraph, anime, and death image

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Dark Konoha~Outer Science

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My name is Umiko, child of death. My youth was not something I can look back on fondly, as my mother left me with an abusive aunt for most of my childhood. One fateful night, a demon rose from hell and saw my pitiful daily life. He told me that by becoming a demon myself, I would have the power to escape my current life. By taking his offer, I became immortal. Becoming immortal is not something to be taken lightly. I'd been harmed and tortured in ways your mind wouldn't dare to think. I…

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I've been looking for this pic a long time... it's a nice piece of artwork.

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Black haired anime girl için Google Görsel Sonuçları

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Ajin - I don't feel like it ended. Especially since Kai's storyline just fell away. I *need* resolution!

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“Légy hasonló az égen szálló madárhoz…, aki a törékeny gallyon megpihenve átéli az alatta tátongó mélységet, mégis vígan énekel, mert bízik szárnyi erejében.”

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Untitled by 404 Not Found ※ Permission to upload this was given by the artist

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