"Overrated Normal"

"Overrated Normal" (Daily Odd Compliment)

You make my weird look normal. :-) Delaney Clifford

"My Weirdness" (Daily Odd Compliment)

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The Daily Odd Compliment - This site has awesome Odd Compliments! ❤️ not enough nickels!

Especially if the pancakes are actually cooked in the middle.

"Pancake Dogs" (Daily Odd Compliment)

Ok so I may have searched Daily Odd Compliment and there may be many pins like this coming

Funny pictures about I really appreciate that. Oh, and cool pics about I really appreciate that. Also, I really appreciate that.

Daily odd compliment

Daily Odd Compliment: Emotionally, you're as strong as a bear. And in terms of how great you are at napping, well, that's also very bear-like. And bears are the best, aside from their occasional killing.

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I honestly believe that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. For instance, if you decided to sell pine cones, I bet you would sell, just, an absurd amount of pine cones.

Daily odd compliment

Bizarrely Specific Flattery

Daily Odd Compliment: Being with you is like listening to my favorite song. Except when I like a song I tend to play it too much and then I get sick of it, and I always do that and I don't know why. Whereas I simply never get sick of you

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"One Word"


If someone asked me to describe you in one word, I would be like, "What?" Because I'm not that quick on my feet, and the first thing that would come to mind would be more than one word and then I'd lose. You deserve better than that.

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And grilled cheese. You, Nutella & grilled cheese saved my sanity today.

If ninjas captured you, I would spend all of my free time training to be a stellar ninja... I would eventually save you.

"Stellar Ninja" (Daily Odd Compliment)