((FC: Crystal Reed)) Hey. My name is Melee. I'm 16 and I have a really....scetchy past. Don't ask. I've been here for about a year, maybe more. I'm a bit of a punk rocker, but I'm actually pretty nice. I have some family, but I'm not getting near them with a ten foot pole. Again, don't ask and I won't punch your lights out. Speaking of which,I know how to fight and my mutation is that I can control light. Come say hi.

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Genevieve Weasley Age 16 Born 2001 [Ravenclaw - Prefect and Quidditch Seeker]

Crystal Reed

Crystal Reed is an American actor who co-starred in MTV’s Teen Wolf as Allison Argent from

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" Callie Quinn was your avenge teenager, she was smart, funny and beautiful. But when a killer comes for Lakewoo.