Not crazy about the jewelry or the scarf. Really like the dress, jacket, & loooove the boots!!

Love that dress with that jacket! Love the jacket! And u can't go wrong with cowgirl boots and a sundress!like it all but the jacket haha

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I love this, I dodn't have a headboard to it would fix that problem> Beautiful Replica Barn Doors. Great for use as room divider, headboard, wall accent.

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Fringe Boots Style Guide

Black sweater, red jeggings and black w/silver cross Corral boot & bling it out! Love the sweater and jean combo but I'd say more if a cowgirl boot instead of those boots.

Simple outfit to pull together and looks fantastic! Cream colored sweater, scarf, boot socks and brown boots.

← country girl style Brown cowboy boots and terracota snood in this outfit harmoniously sense of taste real lady and rustic simplicity.