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The 21 Best YA Books Of 2013

Clockwork Princess , Cassandra Clare

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Just looking up clockwork princess quotes and depressing myself.

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Clockwork Princess, Will Herondale ♥♥♥

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Last pinner: unidentified snippet from Cassandra Clare - "his parabatai rune was bleeding" Me: Unidentified my aunt fanny.... that's from Clockwork Princess. It's Will when Jem....

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William Herondale.... *starts to sob b/c just finished clockwork princess*

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"If there is a life after this one, let me meet you in it, James Carstairs." - Will Herondale, Clockwork Princess

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New Clockwork Princess cover art

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This is a beautiful piece of fan art done for Clockwork Princess and shared by Cassandra Clare on Tumblr.

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Image via We Heart It

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Clockwork Princess - Will Herondale You can TOTALLY tell he and Jace are related... In fact

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