Christian Kane from the show Leverage and lead singer of the band "Kane"

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Christian Kane ~ He could bang me like a screen door in a hurricane! Ohh La La .... Come and Getcha Some Christian! Mmmmm!!!

Christian Kane - Loved him in Angel, more so in Leverage. This Western girl even forgives him for being a Country boy. country for this Punk-rockin Metalhead.

Christian Kane, who returns in "The Librarians" Season 2 Nov. 1 on TNT, has plenty of experience as a part-time Portlander, having filmed "Leverage" here before shooting "The Librarians."

Christian Kane on 'The Librarians' Season 2, and what he loves about Portland

Christain Kane-The Librarian, Leverage, Angel & movie 50 to plus has his own band. What a hunk!

Christian Kane - Elliot Spencer

New Artist Spotlight: Christian Kane Is A Multi-Media Breakout Star