Memory from my childhood in NY state.  My parents took us cherry picking and then we got to come home and freeze, eat and pit them for pie.

Black Cherries or Sweet Cherries - the flavor of these cherries are quite different from Red Cherries or Sour Cherries that you make pies with. Black Cherries are wonderful in ice cream, but don't try to bake with them, they lose they're flavor.


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It's the simple things like picking a big bowl full of cherries on a warm summer day that make life worth living

cherry picking (via CHERRY Bomb / bright red cherries in a vintage container)

cherry picking for kids by Jolly Tomato

Cherry Picking for Kids

Cherry + Basil Pure — Baby FoodE | organic baby food recipes to inspire adventurous eating

Cherry + Basil Baby Food Puree

Baby FoodE: baby food recipes meant to help cultivate adventurous eaters. Some wonderful, unexpected combinations like cherries and basil.

cherry picking - floral embroidered romper

Cherry picking - floral embroidered romper - more colors

Cherries brighten up any summer party*

I just love the brown paper trend for picnic foods! Cherries brighten up any summer party*