And they do this while standing on someone's hand...Cheerleading

How to do cheerleading flyer positions. For tons of stunting tips,Even if ur not a cheerleader works for gymnasts

Not all cheerleading stuff, but still a cool infograph

20 Gymnastic Moves Explained in the Best Way Ever

These are definitely not exactly accurate but thats alright give the jist of it. I think the most acurate of the cheer moves was the back walkover and back handspring

I Dont Walk The Red Carpet I Rule The Blue Mat Youth Girl French Terry Pullover

I Rule The Blue Mat Youth Girls French Terry Pullover

Cheer workout! Im going to work on this!! :)

Align Your Hips

Really wish someone would have spoke this over me in my youth. Always wanted to be an Ohio State Cheerleader or a Rockette. Consider the 5'6-5'10 height requirement to be a Rockette that left cheering and I totally could have made that happen. Live and learn.....

Cheer is my life i can't live without it.Cheer gym is my second home.Cheer is HARD don't think it's

Unicorn Cheer Bow Golden Horn pastel colors Pretty!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Unicorn Cheer Bow Golden Horn pastel colors Pretty