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How to pull a scorpion. Remember to take your time if you're just starting to work on it. Wouldn't want to pull anything! Good luck and have fun.(:

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Would be good to add this to the floor lunge that I do for splits.

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Proper door frame stretch technique for scorpions/needles : ok so i see a lot of people do this stretch and their back is completely flat. that means you are doing it wrong, and if you do it like that then you might as well just sit in your splits because theres no difference. but if you push your chest up, your back will bend and then you will actually be getting a stretch for your needle/scorpion. KEEP YOUR CHEST UP!

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Scorpion stretch. I know that's not skating but it could help the biellman

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to all of my friends who want to know how I d the scorpion, well actually the last pic is the needle but you get the idea

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Scorpion/Needle stretch!! I used my bed but you can use a couch or chair! Make sure you are breathing when doing this stretch and focusing mainly on balancing! Hope everyone has a nice day!! ∞Meg

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Here are some back stretches that I found on Instagram. They give really good tips on stretches and stuff like that so if you want to follow them their @ name is @bowsoverbros_stretching.

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#cheer, competitive cheerleading, cheerleader, scorpion, This is my scorpion goal!!

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cheerleader+silhouette | Cheer Scorpion Silhouette I can not do a needle yet but I am working on it

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For tons of Cheerleading Flyer Stunting Tips, check out the Stunting Section on

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