Scottish Sea Pebble and  Leather Celtic Knot by byNaturesDesign, $20.00

Scottish Sea Pebble and Leather Celtic Knot Necklace -Seaglass -Surfer Necklace -Beachwear-Etsy seller This would be beautiful with a Michigan Petoskey stone.

Free Freeform Celtic Knot Templates for tangling, coloring, doodling. These are samples from the Freeform Celtic Knot Design class

Celtic Knot Templates

A Taste of Celtic Knots ~ A Simple Method for Drawing Freeform Celtic Knots - Art of the Tangle

Knotted coasters & trivets

Knotted coasters & trivets -- This is for when you have time while you're camping! This is perfect for Celt and sea lovers!

Vector ornament, decorative black and white Celtic tree of life - stock vector

change color, 5 leaves color of grchildren, on branch color of parent maybe initial of last D,N,S male cardinal some where and calm around whole thing Celtic Knot Free Ornament Free Vector