Cave paintings are absolutely fascinating. This one is just gorgeous. Humans have always had a streak of artistic talent. More

Primitive And Descriptive Cave Paintings

Original Cave Art Original Acrylic Wildlife Paintings and Primitive Cave Art Paintings by Laurel Barbieri - The Primitive Wildlife and Cave Art of

Chauvet Cave  paintings  discovered 1994  Paleolithic 40,000-10,000 BCE    Google Image Result for

This is a drawing from the Chauvet Cave in France drawn over years ago! I have this tatooed on my back.

Head of the Great Bull, Lascaux, France - The incredibly detailed Paleolithic cave paintings found in Lascaux are estimated to be 17,300 years old.

The Lascaux Caves in SW France hold an amazing array of paintings dated at more than years. Their subject is hunting. Their location and intricacy suggests they were motivated by a sense of a spiritual bond between hunter and prey.

Altamira Cave Painting -- Spain -- 12,000 BCE #Archeology                                                                                                                                                                                 More

From: Music 'Lullaby' by Chorus of Tribes HE LASCAUX CAVES were discovered purely by chance. On 12 September 1940 four boys were roaming through…

Lascaux Caves, a cave complex in southwestern #France, contain some of the most remarkable paleolithic cave paintings in the world, from at least 15,000 years ago. Description from I searched for this on

Into the Woods — What hunters and trappers taught me about art.

20 Most Fascinating Prehistoric Cave Paintings (cave paintings, lascaux cave paintings, altamira cave paintings) info on discovery of and contents of caves and pictures of cave art

at the Lascaux Caves in France,Snøhetta and Casson Mann designed a building to frame a huge replica of some of the world's most famous prehistoric cave paintings. The pale grey walls are made up from horizontal strips of concrete that emulate the limestone geology of the actual site

Lascaux IV by Snøhetta and Casson Mann - "Lascaux IV offers visitors an opportunity to discover the caves in a unique way that reveals a sense of wonder and mystery, as if they, too, were the first group of adventurers to stumble upon the cave paintings,"

Prehistoric Cave painting | 35000 years ago | Ancient Art History

The Altamira cave paintings

TouristLink features 11 photos of Cueva de las Manos. Pictures are of Rock Art In The Cave, Canyon At The Pinturas River and 9 more. See pictures of Cueva de las Manos submited by other travelers or add

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Uwaynat in southwestern Egypt is the location of the ‘Cave of the Swimmers’, the famous cave paintings discovered by Laszlo Almasy in the mi.

lascaux cave Montignac, France discovered in 1940, spectacular for both variety and number of paintings

Lascaux Cave, Montignac, France discovered in 1940 - spectacular for both variety and number of paintings

Sweden – Vitlycke museum. Rock carvings of Tanum or Tanumshede, Scandinavian Bronze Age.

Rock carvings of Tanum or Tanumshede, Scandinavian Bronze Age. Just have to ask: Is that a shaman bringing a cow out of a hole into our reality to be hunted for food? And is the top hunter flying?