O2 Cool Large Battery Powered Fan.  Janice asked: I wonder how many watts this thing needs as if i need to use rechargeable batteries or a generator (for power adaptor to run). Wattage makes big difference - are my batteries going to die after 15 minutes?? Just a need to know - if I am to use this for camping or especially emergency preparedness!
How to Tie a Fishing Hook, Fishing Knots
A Do-It-Yourself survival lamp out of a soda can! Cut it, pull it back, and insert your candle.  And presto! #Camping #Outdoors #DIY
Hammock Tent | Keep your campsite up off the ground and away from critters by rigging it up between a couple of trees! #survivallife www.survivallife.com

Camping Gears You Should Have

I have been carrying my Maxpedition EDC Pocket pouch for a couple of years now, it’s pretty much bombproof and has seen heavy use. I tend to keep regular use items and a basic FAK in here, so I can easily switch essential kit between bags, and even carry it in a coat/cargo pocket if needed.
What Makes a Good Camping Tent Good -Camping tent features you should look for.

Hammock Sleeping Bag | By Grand Trunk

GO Mobile Adventure Gear Camper is a 3 in 1 towable vehicle that morphs from a compact, traveling profile to a rugged ‘toy-hauler’ mode to a spacious and comfortable camping configuration in one integrated, lightweight unit which can be pulled by almost any vehicle. GO can handle 800 lbs. of gear and accommodate top-mount racking systems for bicycles, kayaks and more.
REI Expedition -20 Sleeping Bag     I used this all last year in Montana mountain winter.  The only time I was cold was on a survival night without a sleeping pad or tent.

Expedition Sleeping Bag

The J5 Tactical V1Pro is the toughest, brightest, and most powerful flashlight on the market.  All this power and all these features are powered by one AA battery. 300 Lumens of pure brightness.