tbhermione: july 22 • 20:03 • maths ➗ I’ve pretty much only been posting maths pictures but it’s really all I’ve even doing! Today I finished re-writing the first sub-unit so I got started on the index at the front. Exam-ridden me in May 2016 is gonna love me for this!

Bullet journaling can artfully and effectively help you organize your life. Check out this collection of bullet journal inspiration to get your start.

Printable Travelers Notebook Weekly Planner PDF file.  DOWNLOAD INCLUDES:  1) 8.5 x 11 (Letter) PDF file 2) A4 PDF file  Weekly planner

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It's time for a Bullet Journal update on the Boho Berry Blog today! Here's a page-by-page peek into my Emerald Official Bullet Journal :)

Bullet Journal Update

Bullet journal inspiration something like this is going to be the first page of my journal. Lots of positive words and welcoming in Happy New Year!