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Awwwww noooooooo why would you tellmethis I'm dying from feels for him!!!

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when loved one or friend asks if I approve of sketchy fool boy

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Funny Pic Dump (9.19.14) |

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Bruce in Thor 3 (actually happy?)

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Okay. We have House, Jude Law's Watson, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Reid, Eleventh Doctor, Martin Freeman's Doctor Watson, Bones, anddddddd Dr. Bruce Banner. Goodbye, apples.

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Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyseyes. YES. I accept and support every single headcanon that shows Bruce Banner being happy because he deserves it.

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Bruce banner, Thor Odinson, civil war: team Thor, marvel, mcu, avengers, cacw, captain America civil war

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tag urself im 100% bruce, thor, fury and loki and like 66% tony, natasha and clint and like 33% steve... sorry steve

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Vision, captain marvel, ms marvel, carol Danvers, Bruce banner, the hulk, tony stark, iron man, Peter Parker, spiderman, scarlet witch, Wanda maximoff, Thor Odinson, marvel, mcu, avengers

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The Avengers cast = The Avengers. I had both "The Hunger Games" and "Now You See Me" in my bag and this post was all I could think of!

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