The Bruce Banner and Tony Stark ones really get to me

Please don't for get Natasha/Black Widow who was tortured for most of her life and trained to be an assassin with no will of her own that broke free and saved the world more than once

Bruce "I use sarcasm, not super-strength" Banner

Bruce "I use sarcasm, not super-strength" Banner<<this is why he's my favorite character, tied with spidey.

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Puffer fish are the Bruce Banner of the sea <<-- no, I've stepped on the friggin skeleton of one of these things and it is just awful, I hated the beach for a long time after

Awwwww noooooooo why would you tellmethis I'm dying from feels for him!!!

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Thomas and Colin. Thomas telling David that he had better not touch anything  if he expects to stay in there with them

What Robert Downey Jr said to Mark Ruffalo Makes Me Wish He Were My Older Brother

The Science Bros are judging you. Hulk and Iron Man. Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr.

He really is!!! Bruce is the one who will destroy the tower and when Colson comes in all "WTF?!?!?" Bruce just goes "It wasn't me..." and walks away, and Tony gets blamed.

Bruce Banner is the Remus Lupin of the Avengers. (Tony Stank, I mean, Stark, is totally James "I will unofficially adopt all of my sad friends" Potter)

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I think what you're describing here is 'superhero body horror' to which I say…