Each planet in Navid Baraty’s cross-stitched solar system is made of 25 to 35 different colors.

Artist Uses Real Planetary Images to Intricately Cross-Stitch the Entire Universe

Inspiring cross stitch

Cross stitch patterns---*One of the few unique and interesting cross stitch pattern sites offering many free designs by a talented artist.

The pattern for this Bookshelf Bookmark is now available! https://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/TheTeaShop/12995751/pattern_for_bookshelf_bookmark_cross_stitched

Pattern for Bookshelf Bookmark Cross Stitched

For anyone wanting to make a Bookshelf Bookmark for themselves! Its a pretty simple and fun cross stitch project. The pattern includes a jpeg chart/graph and notes on materials used. The colors ar - Crafting Issue

Trio Red Cardinals cross stitch pattern

A group of cute little cardinals birds. The red cardinal holds a special spiritual meaning for Christians.