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Britney Spears is looking fit as ever these days! Check out this unique, compound move from her trainer that  works multiple muscle groups and joints at once and therefore burns more calories and fat.

The Unique Exercise That Sculpts Britney Spears' Killer Body

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake together back in July 2001

80+ Pictures of Britney Spears That Are Straight Out of a Time Capsule

Britney Spears. Just because she represents all the blondes with dark eyes
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Shape - Flex Time with Britney Spears June 2013
old school  britney spears hair is everything
Happy Birthday Britney! (25 photos)

Happy Birthday Britney! (25 photos)

Britney Spears 90s 2000s
Cut up biker girl tops /  27 Forgotten Early 2000s Fashion Trends (via BuzzFeed)

27 Forgotten Early 2000s Fashion Trends

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Britney Spears quote.