Real Time 30 Day BodyRock Challenge

[tps_header]Workout min - 1 hour My all time favorite, so far, the BodyRock workout challenges. It is on the longer side, but these workouts make you feel like the rock star you truly are. Print out the workout.

Body Rock TV 30 Day FIT

Get Ripped in Just 30 Days Fitness Workout – Fit Test – Day 5 Week Four of the February 30 Day Challenge

Fitness Video: Hot Leg Show Workout with Body Rock TV

Fitness Video: Hot Leg Show Workout with Body Rock TV. Intense Workout for legs and your bum! Haley takes you through 10 exercises of hot interval training.

Body Rock TV-best at home free workouts !!! Girl power

For those of you who don't know, I love Body Rock TV. I get so much inspiration from the challenges they give and I try my best to execute them. If I have to modify them, it's ok because at least I tried! - Kat B

high knees with twist

New To Body Rock TV? Where To Get The Right Tools (And How You Can 'Fake' It If You're Short On Cash) I LOVE Body Rock TV workouts. They’re fast, effective, and suitable for all fitness levels (I know.