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Patrick Floyd "Pat" Garrett (June 5, 1850 – February 29, 1908) was an American Old West lawman, bartender, and customs agent who was best known for killing Billy the Kid.[2] He was also the sheriff of Lincoln County, New Mexico
We've probably all heard stories about the notorious Old West gunfighter Henry McCarty, better known as Billy the Kid. According to some accounts, Henry Mc
Put together: A new photo purporting to show Billy the Kid (left) has emerged. The only verified picture of the Western outlaw was sold to billionaire William Koch in 2011 for $2.3million

Another picture of Billy the Kid emerges

Could the following newly discovered picture really be a young Billy the Kid? We compare it to the other known and claimed picture of him and let you decide. The tintype picture shown below is the indisputable picture of Billy owned by Dedrick/Upham and sold at Brian Lebel’s 22nd Annual Old West Show & Auction … Continue reading New Picture of Billy the Kid?
Pat Garrett, lawman who killed Billy the Kid

Pat Garrett, Lawman Who Killed Billy the Kid, Visits Washington and Teddy Roosevelt

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Funeral Notice for Billy the Kid
Dirty Dave Rudabaugh - The Only Man Billy the Kid Ever Feared
Charlie Bowdre rode with Billy the Kid and cowboyed around the Fort Sumner, NM area. He ended up dead at Stinking Springs when a sheriff posse shot him. They found this photo in his clothing; the blood stains are Bowdre's.
Charlie Bowdre was a regulator in the Lincoln County merchant wars along with Billy the Kid