Bill of Rights

This is a shorter and much simpler version of the bill of rights. The bill gives the good people of America their individual freedoms. The Bill of rights is apart of the US constitution.

This hands-on Bill of Rights Sort is a fun way for students to learn about the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution. This activity includes the first ten amendments, their definition, and a description of each one.   Great to use as a center, formative assessment, independent activity, morning work, or homework.

Bill of Rights SORT

Worksheet with abbreviated versions of the Bill of Rights and a set of short scenarios to analyze. Each describes a right's violation in a way that students can identify with and understand. They then refer back to the Bill of Rights to match it to the correct one. Finally, students answer a question regarding their opinion on whether our rights are absolute or can change over time.  An answer key is included as well as talking points for the concluding short answer question.

Bill of Rights Scenarios Analysis Worksheet

Bill of Rights Scenarios Analysis Worksheet: This worksheet includes abbreviated versions of America's Bill of Rights for students to read and a set of short scenarios that students must analyze.

Project: The Bill of Rights...could make this into a matching activity

Project: The Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights, printable and file folder game | the wise nest

The student will explain how a citizen’s rights are protected under the U. Explain the responsibilities of a citizen. Explain the freedoms granted and rights protected by the Bill of Rights Game

The Bill of Rights simplified

** This is an awesome chart for a teacher to hang up in the room for students to look at and reference.

Bill of Rights (All 10 Amendments) is a Social Studies lesson designed to teach upper elementary students about the rights of American citizens. Students read an original, content-rich informational text (available in both paper and PDF versions) about the Bill of Rights. They use information in the text to create a foldable summarizing the main points. Students then apply their knowledge to a constructed-response writing prompt in which they must cite their evidence using details in the…

Bill of Rights (All 10 Amendments) ~ Quick Pack

Bill of Rights (All 10 Amendments) ~ Quick Pack is a Social Studies lesson with the objective of helping students understand the major purpose of the Bill of Rights as well as the rights of American citizens as stated in the Bill of Rights.