Beat generation

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Allen Ginsberg - Beat Generation Poet, BuA Poster on Etsy

Allen Ginsberg - Beat Generation Poet, Buddhist, Pot Head - A Poster by Atelier Bagatelle

Neal Cassidy (left) & Jack Kerouac (right) - Picture taken in San Francisco by Carolyn Cassidy, 1952
Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Michael McClure (floor) San Francisco (1957) Photo by Nat Farbman
Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997), poète américain, devant un portrait d'Arthur Rimbaud
Basic Beatnik: The Square's Guide to Hip Talk * Denver Post, May 11, 1959 #Beat #Generation
Bob Dylan & Allen Ginsberg,  San Francisco 1965
"From the series of images shot in the City Lights Books alley originally for the Blonde on Blonde album (photographs not used in that project). Imagine going back to school the next day after this session, what do you say to your friends?