I have started to like battle belts more as of late. This is a really cool and simple load out. But I prefer my pistol holster on my vest

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ATS Warbelt and insert KA-BAR TDI 2 x ITW Grimlocks Condor double Kangaroo pouch Condor double pistol pouch, ATS tear-away med pouch, Maxpedition small tactile pouch, DSG Arms Alpha Kydex holster, Glock 19 GEN IV with

Neat mounting option: War Belt/1st Line Picture Thread - Page 57 - AR15.COM

Nice use of the G-code RTI on the med-kit. A warbelt is a great get if you are looking for something to strap on quick that is already set up. Just make sure that you war belt doesn't ride up if you're running.

Coyote Brown Tactical Duty Battle Belt - Rothco Padded Mesh Non-Slip D-Ring Belt

Coyote Brown Tactical Duty Battle Belt - Rothco Padded Mesh Non-Slip D-Ring Belt

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Looking for the ultimate home defense setup? Check out Chris Mudgett's "battle belt." It keeps everything you need and makes it easily accessible.

18 Urban and Wilderness Survival Hacks That Would Make MacGyver Proud - Prepare for Economic Depression Now

This is being tagged as the Lion Heart Battle Belt, but its actually a High…

This modular, padded-belt System is one of the slimmest and sturdiest tactical battle belts on the market.

Ideas on setting up a battle belt.

I have received a lot of questions as to how I set up my battle belt. As most of you know, I … Continue reading →

48-Inch Canvas Military Tactical Belt | Opovoo Online Shop

Emergency Rigger Tactical Belt ★★★★

Canvas Military Tactical Belt Black Slider Buckle 3 Colors for men Newest Fashionable Nice Shades 2015 Hot Sale

Cool, simple battle belt setup.

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