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Above are some quick tips to improve handles. If you want to be an all-star or well-rounded basketball player, practicing helps perfect skills.

Confidence makes the difference. Words from Maryland senior, Tianna Hawkins

Hays: Terps' Hawkins turns into top player

Certain people should keep this is mind when going for loose balls. If you're not getting bruised you aren't fighting and diving hard enough.

NBB – Novo Basquete Brasil é uma verdadeira viagem

What is your favorite thing about March? Is it the arrival of spring weather? The NCAA Division I Men’s or Women’s Basketball Tournament? Major League Baseball’s (MLB) spring training?

BASKETBALL PRAYER Philippians 4:13 Inspirational Motivational Poster ...

BASKETBALL PRAYER Philippians Inspirational Motivational Poster - Slingshot Publishing - whatever our kids do they can do with the strength God gave them.

Basketball is my favorite sport I played in high school but had to quit to get a job and focus on school

Have fun through Netball drills

This picture is so cool. great images using monochromatic colours. I wonder how many attempts it took to take this awesome basketball pic.

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