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It's more than a sport. A sport is an over exaggerated game. This is not a game. This is real. And we do it to live.

Hehehe Apollo AND Ranger :D   Yet sometimes people get offended if I don't let them ride them... HELLO!!!! THEY WILL KILL YOI!!! LOL. These blisters ain't from cookin sweetheart;)

Hehehe indy and cappie :D Yet sometimes people get offended if I don't let them ride them. THEY WILL KILL YOI! These blisters ain't from cookin sweetheart;

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"When you believe in yourself, you've already circled the third barrel" Barrel Racing Quote for Horse Lovers

Barrel racing, horses that give you all they've got

My favorite part of barrel racing. Feeling the raw power beneath you waiting to be released

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Run at your dreams head on. Let the wind blow through your hair, freedom move underneath you and trust your best friend for the ride of your life.